The Splinters of the Old Realm

Session 4: Hell's Quarry

Our brave adventurers find a pile of corpses leading up to NPC Ranger. Though he eventually succumbed, he slew so many that counting would be pointless. Man, that guy was badass.

Anyway, the adventurers found surviving soldiers from Tost's forces and captured them easily. Payne offered to take them back to friendly territory for reinforcements.

The remainder of the group, now joined by the summoner mage, Bahzuth(!!!!), continued on to the next town. Shortly before arriving, they encountered a half-orc ranger fending off a slew of devils and tieflings. Saving her life, she revealed herself to be Vegazi, an outisder of Arwill Stead, but clearly a person to be trusted.

They travel into Arwill Stead and make lodging only to be interrupted by an invasion of Orcs and their leader…OGASH

Session 3: The Circling Dragons

As the adventurers settle back into town, they run into a band of explorers from the Great Canal making their way on a quest.  These other adventurers were:

  • Pip the Smasher A Human Warrior with a bit of a temper
  • Johd A Centaur Crusader of Wee Jas
  • Jakahn A Human Martial Artist
  • Aila A Minotaur Water Mage

Ra'Zel was cornered by Johd, who was eager to express his love of the Goddess of Death and Magic, Wee-Jas.  The rest get into a drinking game. Of the group, only Tempi clearly remembers the night.

The next morning, Ra'Zel awoke next to the mayor's daughter. He successfully evaded detection by the mayor, despite an untimely appearance of the other group of adventurers, and makes it back to his companions. They are informed that more of the town is getting sick. They travel up to the Caelius estate and are met by Sir Drederick Tost, who shows them two uncovered dragon skeletons. Apparently the fresh water stream that ran beneath the town was generated from one the corpses. A holdover of its elemental powers.

Tost noted the ring that Domi is wearing and orders P'Aynn and his companions to return to the Hobgoblin camp and see if they can find a poison of some kind of cure for whatever is befalling the town. Meanwhile, he and Domi, along with Batroc will inspect the caverns directly below the dragon bodies. Tempi, Ra'Zel, and Talios decide to accompany Domi and Tost into the catacombs yet again.

After some navigating of the tunnels, they come to a large door, sealed by magic. Tost asks to see if the ring will open the chamber, which it does.  There is a long spiral stairway down that leads them to a huge chamber lined with large columns shaped like eggs that hold up an altar. Skeletons line the floor. The Altar has a small stairway up above a well, upon it rests a single stone egg, banded with gold and silver. Batroc wonders if this is the things that the Goblins have been looking for. Tost mentions powerful magics and he casts a spell to hold back the barriers and suggests that Domi take it. When he does, the cavern begins to shake. Boulders fall and reveal the daylight above them. 

Fleeing the collapsing room, Tost seizes the egg from Domi. He kicks Batroc the center of the stairwell. He impales his flaming sword through Ra'Zel, pinning him to the wall. Just when it looks like Tost will kill them all, a voice calls out…

"Leave them be. Your fight is with me."

Sir Gregor Marikind, Talios' mentor, arrives and battles Tost.

The group is forced to flee into the caverns. They free Ra'Zel, but find Batroc dying when they reach him. His last words were "You…get…a…potion".  Major P'Aynn arrives just in time to witness the last of the battle, but none see the end of the fight.

As the smoke clears, the adventurers see Black Fang flying up with Tost on his back. Talios lets loose an arrow, striking him in the face but not killing the betrayer.  With their departure, the cavern continues to cave in. Undead rise and attack, including the skull of one the dragons above them which dislodges and attempts to bite them. Talios briefly hears the voice of Gregor.  His sword pulses and gains the holy property.

The battle goes poorly. Before they are overwhelmed, the columns that held up the altar shake and crack open, revealing a group of dragonborn. They make quick work of the undead and then explain that they were the guardians of the chamber and must now recover the egg. They conscript the adventurers to aid them, empowering them with hidden knowledge of fighting to better ensure that they will accomplish this task.

And they have one of their own, Bah'Zuth, join the adventurers…

Session 2: The Interrogation and The NPC Ranger

As night falls, P'Aynn, a Major in the service of Lord Marshall Finn Duchamp, has arrested the adventurers and imprisoned them within makeshift jail cells in the town. The Caelius estate is in ruins after the cave-ins beneath it. Hundreds of imprisoned gladiators have been released, many of them criminals. The armed forces serving the Paladins are struggling to manage the chaos. 

Privately, each adventurer is questioned:

-Domi is immediately cleared and released so that he may survey the damage to his home.

-Tempi leaves the guards watching him unsettled with his powers. He negotiates everyone's release.

-Ra'Zel strikes fear into the hearts of everyone who speaks to him, to the point where they agree to do whatever he asks. He negotiates everyone's release, particularly Domi who he finds to be an amusing fop.

-Talios surprises everyone by revealing that he is an Inquisitor of Ragathiel and in the service of a branch of the Paladins. He negotiates everyone's release.

Before everyone could be released, a band of goblins and hobgoblins invade the town. Tempi and Talios are trapped in a burning building while Ra'Zel assists P'Aynn and his forces in defending the town.  FInally, Sir Drederick Tost arrives with his honor guard and pushes back the raiders.

When the dust clears, it becomes obvious that a number of townsfolk have been abducted during the attack, including the Mayor's daughter, Lindsey. Tost suggests that P'Aynn take a small group to sneak through the tunnels to bypass the forces lurking outside the town. Naturally, the adventurers (minus Domi) are picked to accompany P'Aynn, given their familiarity with the tunnels.

After slaying goblins who they found moving barrels of gunpowder through the tunnels, they found a knocked out ranger named NPC Ranger who joined them in their quest. the group found their way to the outskirts of a hobgoblin camp. Ra'Zel planned to use his stealth skills to sneak past their guards, but Talios stubbornly decided to accompany him and was spotted… while carrying one of the gunpowder barrels.

The ensuing explosion almost killed Ra'Zel.

With the guards alerted, the group was farced to handle an onslaught of goblins and hobgoblins. Mainly due to the prowess of NPC Ranger, they survive long enough for Domi to catch up with them and turn the tide. Domi's addition provides the key to let them work their way through the rest of the  camp until they confront and slay the leader, Harsh, and free Lindsey and the remaining captives.

They return to the town only to find that many there have taken ill…


Session 1: The Centaur and The Centipede

With morning comes a new day.

In the town, crowds amass to watch an army march through. An old man watches the procession of Drederick Tost and his entourage. Crimson banners bare Tost’s symbol of a fist with prayer beads in its grasp. A small group follows with a different banner, the symbol of Lord Marshall Finn Duchamp, a brilliant sun with two blades crossed over it. The old man rises and covers himself, briefly flashing a signet of Ragathiel, with a wing and sword crossed, before disappearing into the crowd.

Domi and Batroc welcome Tost and his forces and show them to their accommodations.  Once they are settled, Batroc invites them to witness a battle in the fighting arena. He introduces the first battle, a mighty centaur champion against a captured Drow named Ra'Zel. 

After Ra'Zel proves victorious, Domi excuses himself, wanting to reinvestigate the caves that they had found. He asks Tempi and the guard who had helped him before, who admits that his name is Talios. Domi meets them as night falls, dressed in his alternate identity as The Night Stalker.

Reentering the caves, they encounter a horde of goblins. The goblins use a number of formulas to increase their fighting power, while others assault from a distance with bombs. The battle is fierce, including Tempi being briefly knocked out by his own psychic powers, but they succeed, just not before a bomb rolls out from a dying goblin and ignite a stockpile of black powder.

The tunnels begin to cave in from the explosions. One of the chambers above apparently housed Ra'Zel. They together attempt to escape the cave in, falling into a rushing stream. When they eventually pull themselves out of the rapids, they find themselves in an old lair of the shadow court.  They find script on the walls that alludes to the viceroy of the True Princeps, Dexter Triptex, right hand of the master and third in line.  Domi finds a ring that seems to channel positive energy. The room is like a pen of benign zombies.  Undead creatures who don't even respond to Talios destroying a number of them.  However, a creature emerges from out of the crowd of the undead, a patchwork being with an arthropod style configuration. A human centipede! It seems to be severely wounded by Tempi's initial attack, until it grabs the bodies of nearby zombies and rips them apart to stick on as centurion style Lego pieces for the monster. Finally, they dispatch the creature and find a tunnel out, seemingly a sewer or an old aqueduct, leading to the town of Pattersway.

As they emerge, a voice from behind tells them that they are all under arrest.



An Evening Visit

That light!


No. Fire. A candle.

"Wake up, Hektor."

'Who calls me that?' You think, groggily. 'No one knows that name here…'

"Hello, Gregor." You say.

"Get up, boy"

"I'm not a boy." You respond as you sit up. Your eyes adjust to the light and now the room looks dim, illuminated only by a single candle. The old man paces about the room, anxiously. He picks up the sword you recovered in your recent escapade.

"Good blade. There's magic to this blade."

"There was a lot of magic in those tunnels and that blade was useful against the wyrm we encountered"

"Blackfang, yes. He returned."

"I suppose. The locals have some tales about him."

"They know more than they realize. This adds to my suspicions. Perhaps your discovery of the creature has foiled some plan of our enemies."

"Is that why I'm here?"

"Hardly. There are more worrisome tidings. However, perhaps the creature was some part of it. Don't you feel it? The evil approaching? Your own attunement to the Divine forces at work must be growing stronger in proportionate measure."

You do feel something flowing through you. Magic… Magic that you have not felt in years.

"Tost has almost arrived. Try not to let him get a good look at you. It has been years since he last saw you, but he'll still know you. We can't have your cover blown." Gregor continues.

"We can't all play a beggar." You retort.

The old man raises a hand to you, signalling that the walls may have ears.

"Why are you so worried about Tost? He's one of you, isn't he?" You respond.

"Not everyone on the Dodex is so trusting. He's hiding something."

"Everyone is hiding something."

Gregor looks you in the eye. "That's why we have need of you." He says, sharply. "You were right, you're not a boy. You haven't been since I found you at that burning monastery, lying under the bodies of three marauding haflings that you slew defending yourself.  I knew then that you could be a tool of our order. If as a child you could defend yourself from invaders, then you could be forged into a dangerous adult."

He puts down the blade.

"Go back to the tunnels. Take the stranger who arrived recently. He has a part to play in this, whatever that may be. He certainly has power that needs to be monitored. That damned wyrm returned for a reason and I'd like to know why before Tost arrives. He will have to move slowly, as he has men in his company from Lord Marshall Duchamp. His actions will be quiet and subtle."

With that, Gregor extends his hand to the candle and extinguishes the flame. His image lingers, a pale blue in your vision. You blink, and the room is wholly dark and he is gone.

Session 0: The Square and the Sword
The adventure begins...

In the Nation of the Vivain Confederacy, within the Fiefdom of Cearn, there is the village of Pattersway.  Adjoining the lands of the Caelius estate, it bustles with trade, as tourists are drawn for the spectacle of the nearby fighting pits, and with the tourists come the merchants.

On one day, in the autumn, the young lord Domintius Caelius was urged by his trusted manservant Batroc D’Drachme to come inspect newly arrived beasts for his family fighting pits. Though disgusted by his family's history of profiting off the suffering of the enslaved, "Domi", as his friends would come to call him, agreed and was idly perusing the market, accompanied by Batroc and several guards.

At about the same time, Tempi, dressed modestly and hooded, arrived and wandered the market. He noted an old man by the well at the center of town that sick people seemed to be coming to.

Batroc  had something special prepared this day. Sir Drederick Tost, a famed knight of the Dodex Council, would be arriving in town soon with his entourage. Rather than mere wolves or slaves, Batroc had assembled all manner of exotic beasts at no small cost. He was going to put on a show for the esteemed guest. Today, from the far south, an APE was being delivered for the pits.  The mighty creature had other intentions, resisting. It breaks free and attacked local villagers. It seemed at first that everyone scattered. Domi, however, showing a courage that no one knew of, drew his rapier and stepped forward. So too did his guards, though only one proved to be strong enough to stand up to the beast. Finally, Tempi joined the fray, revealing his psionic power by materializing a blade from thin air. Though their goal was not to kill the beast, they were forced to put it down.

Thankful for the aid he received in preventing further harm to his beloved village, Domi offered to provide accommodations for the migrant Tempi and to reward the guard, who insisted unconvincingly that his name was Fighter McWarrior.

As they returned to his estate, however, the group was beset by a band of goblin bandits. Repelling them and then pursuing after, the group discovered a cave where they fought several more goblins. Then while surveying the lair, they began to see the traps and curses of a black dragon's lair.

Proceeding with caution, they fight giant spiders and undead constructs, before finding a chamber with an enchanted sword. "Fighter McWarrior" grabs hold of it.  They move on, finally coming to the chamber of Blackfang, a powerful young adult black dragon. Fighting as one, the group wounds the dragon sufficiently that it fled the scene and the adventurers returned home.


Guests coming...
A Letter from Batroc D'Drachme to Domintius Caelius

My lord,


I have good news for you! We will be receiving the honorable Sir Drederick Tost of the Dodex Council in three weeks time.  He will be resting with us at our estate while en route to the far border of this fiefdom. In his company will be the two troops who have served him since the wars, as well as one on loan from the forces of Pious Lord Marshall Finn Duchamp.  I have already made arrangements in the guest quarters to accommodate such a force.


I know that it rankles you somewhat to act as head of the household in your father's absence, but you must live up to your familial responsibilities my lord. Fear not, I have already made arrangements for a feast and have secured a most promising candidate for the pits to entertain our guests.


My lord, I must just ask that you put on your best face and refrain from any of your evening sojourns, lest we draw attention to activities that might embarrass your father's name.


Ever your humble servant, 

Batroc D'Drachme

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