The Splinters of the Old Realm

An Evening Visit

That light!


No. Fire. A candle.

"Wake up, Hektor."

'Who calls me that?' You think, groggily. 'No one knows that name here…'

"Hello, Gregor." You say.

"Get up, boy"

"I'm not a boy." You respond as you sit up. Your eyes adjust to the light and now the room looks dim, illuminated only by a single candle. The old man paces about the room, anxiously. He picks up the sword you recovered in your recent escapade.

"Good blade. There's magic to this blade."

"There was a lot of magic in those tunnels and that blade was useful against the wyrm we encountered"

"Blackfang, yes. He returned."

"I suppose. The locals have some tales about him."

"They know more than they realize. This adds to my suspicions. Perhaps your discovery of the creature has foiled some plan of our enemies."

"Is that why I'm here?"

"Hardly. There are more worrisome tidings. However, perhaps the creature was some part of it. Don't you feel it? The evil approaching? Your own attunement to the Divine forces at work must be growing stronger in proportionate measure."

You do feel something flowing through you. Magic… Magic that you have not felt in years.

"Tost has almost arrived. Try not to let him get a good look at you. It has been years since he last saw you, but he'll still know you. We can't have your cover blown." Gregor continues.

"We can't all play a beggar." You retort.

The old man raises a hand to you, signalling that the walls may have ears.

"Why are you so worried about Tost? He's one of you, isn't he?" You respond.

"Not everyone on the Dodex is so trusting. He's hiding something."

"Everyone is hiding something."

Gregor looks you in the eye. "That's why we have need of you." He says, sharply. "You were right, you're not a boy. You haven't been since I found you at that burning monastery, lying under the bodies of three marauding haflings that you slew defending yourself.  I knew then that you could be a tool of our order. If as a child you could defend yourself from invaders, then you could be forged into a dangerous adult."

He puts down the blade.

"Go back to the tunnels. Take the stranger who arrived recently. He has a part to play in this, whatever that may be. He certainly has power that needs to be monitored. That damned wyrm returned for a reason and I'd like to know why before Tost arrives. He will have to move slowly, as he has men in his company from Lord Marshall Duchamp. His actions will be quiet and subtle."

With that, Gregor extends his hand to the candle and extinguishes the flame. His image lingers, a pale blue in your vision. You blink, and the room is wholly dark and he is gone.


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