The Splinters of the Old Realm

Guests coming...

A Letter from Batroc D'Drachme to Domintius Caelius

My lord,


I have good news for you! We will be receiving the honorable Sir Drederick Tost of the Dodex Council in three weeks time.  He will be resting with us at our estate while en route to the far border of this fiefdom. In his company will be the two troops who have served him since the wars, as well as one on loan from the forces of Pious Lord Marshall Finn Duchamp.  I have already made arrangements in the guest quarters to accommodate such a force.


I know that it rankles you somewhat to act as head of the household in your father's absence, but you must live up to your familial responsibilities my lord. Fear not, I have already made arrangements for a feast and have secured a most promising candidate for the pits to entertain our guests.


My lord, I must just ask that you put on your best face and refrain from any of your evening sojourns, lest we draw attention to activities that might embarrass your father's name.


Ever your humble servant, 

Batroc D'Drachme


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