The Splinters of the Old Realm

Session 0: The Square and the Sword

The adventure begins...

In the Nation of the Vivain Confederacy, within the Fiefdom of Cearn, there is the village of Pattersway.  Adjoining the lands of the Caelius estate, it bustles with trade, as tourists are drawn for the spectacle of the nearby fighting pits, and with the tourists come the merchants.

On one day, in the autumn, the young lord Domintius Caelius was urged by his trusted manservant Batroc D’Drachme to come inspect newly arrived beasts for his family fighting pits. Though disgusted by his family's history of profiting off the suffering of the enslaved, "Domi", as his friends would come to call him, agreed and was idly perusing the market, accompanied by Batroc and several guards.

At about the same time, Tempi, dressed modestly and hooded, arrived and wandered the market. He noted an old man by the well at the center of town that sick people seemed to be coming to.

Batroc  had something special prepared this day. Sir Drederick Tost, a famed knight of the Dodex Council, would be arriving in town soon with his entourage. Rather than mere wolves or slaves, Batroc had assembled all manner of exotic beasts at no small cost. He was going to put on a show for the esteemed guest. Today, from the far south, an APE was being delivered for the pits.  The mighty creature had other intentions, resisting. It breaks free and attacked local villagers. It seemed at first that everyone scattered. Domi, however, showing a courage that no one knew of, drew his rapier and stepped forward. So too did his guards, though only one proved to be strong enough to stand up to the beast. Finally, Tempi joined the fray, revealing his psionic power by materializing a blade from thin air. Though their goal was not to kill the beast, they were forced to put it down.

Thankful for the aid he received in preventing further harm to his beloved village, Domi offered to provide accommodations for the migrant Tempi and to reward the guard, who insisted unconvincingly that his name was Fighter McWarrior.

As they returned to his estate, however, the group was beset by a band of goblin bandits. Repelling them and then pursuing after, the group discovered a cave where they fought several more goblins. Then while surveying the lair, they began to see the traps and curses of a black dragon's lair.

Proceeding with caution, they fight giant spiders and undead constructs, before finding a chamber with an enchanted sword. "Fighter McWarrior" grabs hold of it.  They move on, finally coming to the chamber of Blackfang, a powerful young adult black dragon. Fighting as one, the group wounds the dragon sufficiently that it fled the scene and the adventurers returned home.



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