The Splinters of the Old Realm

Session 1: The Centaur and The Centipede

With morning comes a new day.

In the town, crowds amass to watch an army march through. An old man watches the procession of Drederick Tost and his entourage. Crimson banners bare Tost’s symbol of a fist with prayer beads in its grasp. A small group follows with a different banner, the symbol of Lord Marshall Finn Duchamp, a brilliant sun with two blades crossed over it. The old man rises and covers himself, briefly flashing a signet of Ragathiel, with a wing and sword crossed, before disappearing into the crowd.

Domi and Batroc welcome Tost and his forces and show them to their accommodations.  Once they are settled, Batroc invites them to witness a battle in the fighting arena. He introduces the first battle, a mighty centaur champion against a captured Drow named Ra'Zel. 

After Ra'Zel proves victorious, Domi excuses himself, wanting to reinvestigate the caves that they had found. He asks Tempi and the guard who had helped him before, who admits that his name is Talios. Domi meets them as night falls, dressed in his alternate identity as The Night Stalker.

Reentering the caves, they encounter a horde of goblins. The goblins use a number of formulas to increase their fighting power, while others assault from a distance with bombs. The battle is fierce, including Tempi being briefly knocked out by his own psychic powers, but they succeed, just not before a bomb rolls out from a dying goblin and ignite a stockpile of black powder.

The tunnels begin to cave in from the explosions. One of the chambers above apparently housed Ra'Zel. They together attempt to escape the cave in, falling into a rushing stream. When they eventually pull themselves out of the rapids, they find themselves in an old lair of the shadow court.  They find script on the walls that alludes to the viceroy of the True Princeps, Dexter Triptex, right hand of the master and third in line.  Domi finds a ring that seems to channel positive energy. The room is like a pen of benign zombies.  Undead creatures who don't even respond to Talios destroying a number of them.  However, a creature emerges from out of the crowd of the undead, a patchwork being with an arthropod style configuration. A human centipede! It seems to be severely wounded by Tempi's initial attack, until it grabs the bodies of nearby zombies and rips them apart to stick on as centurion style Lego pieces for the monster. Finally, they dispatch the creature and find a tunnel out, seemingly a sewer or an old aqueduct, leading to the town of Pattersway.

As they emerge, a voice from behind tells them that they are all under arrest.




case_aiken case_aiken

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