The Splinters of the Old Realm

Session 2: The Interrogation and The NPC Ranger

As night falls, P'Aynn, a Major in the service of Lord Marshall Finn Duchamp, has arrested the adventurers and imprisoned them within makeshift jail cells in the town. The Caelius estate is in ruins after the cave-ins beneath it. Hundreds of imprisoned gladiators have been released, many of them criminals. The armed forces serving the Paladins are struggling to manage the chaos. 

Privately, each adventurer is questioned:

-Domi is immediately cleared and released so that he may survey the damage to his home.

-Tempi leaves the guards watching him unsettled with his powers. He negotiates everyone's release.

-Ra'Zel strikes fear into the hearts of everyone who speaks to him, to the point where they agree to do whatever he asks. He negotiates everyone's release, particularly Domi who he finds to be an amusing fop.

-Talios surprises everyone by revealing that he is an Inquisitor of Ragathiel and in the service of a branch of the Paladins. He negotiates everyone's release.

Before everyone could be released, a band of goblins and hobgoblins invade the town. Tempi and Talios are trapped in a burning building while Ra'Zel assists P'Aynn and his forces in defending the town.  FInally, Sir Drederick Tost arrives with his honor guard and pushes back the raiders.

When the dust clears, it becomes obvious that a number of townsfolk have been abducted during the attack, including the Mayor's daughter, Lindsey. Tost suggests that P'Aynn take a small group to sneak through the tunnels to bypass the forces lurking outside the town. Naturally, the adventurers (minus Domi) are picked to accompany P'Aynn, given their familiarity with the tunnels.

After slaying goblins who they found moving barrels of gunpowder through the tunnels, they found a knocked out ranger named NPC Ranger who joined them in their quest. the group found their way to the outskirts of a hobgoblin camp. Ra'Zel planned to use his stealth skills to sneak past their guards, but Talios stubbornly decided to accompany him and was spotted… while carrying one of the gunpowder barrels.

The ensuing explosion almost killed Ra'Zel.

With the guards alerted, the group was farced to handle an onslaught of goblins and hobgoblins. Mainly due to the prowess of NPC Ranger, they survive long enough for Domi to catch up with them and turn the tide. Domi's addition provides the key to let them work their way through the rest of the  camp until they confront and slay the leader, Harsh, and free Lindsey and the remaining captives.

They return to the town only to find that many there have taken ill…



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