The Splinters of the Old Realm

Session 3: The Circling Dragons

As the adventurers settle back into town, they run into a band of explorers from the Great Canal making their way on a quest.  These other adventurers were:

  • Pip the Smasher A Human Warrior with a bit of a temper
  • Johd A Centaur Crusader of Wee Jas
  • Jakahn A Human Martial Artist
  • Aila A Minotaur Water Mage

Ra'Zel was cornered by Johd, who was eager to express his love of the Goddess of Death and Magic, Wee-Jas.  The rest get into a drinking game. Of the group, only Tempi clearly remembers the night.

The next morning, Ra'Zel awoke next to the mayor's daughter. He successfully evaded detection by the mayor, despite an untimely appearance of the other group of adventurers, and makes it back to his companions. They are informed that more of the town is getting sick. They travel up to the Caelius estate and are met by Sir Drederick Tost, who shows them two uncovered dragon skeletons. Apparently the fresh water stream that ran beneath the town was generated from one the corpses. A holdover of its elemental powers.

Tost noted the ring that Domi is wearing and orders P'Aynn and his companions to return to the Hobgoblin camp and see if they can find a poison of some kind of cure for whatever is befalling the town. Meanwhile, he and Domi, along with Batroc will inspect the caverns directly below the dragon bodies. Tempi, Ra'Zel, and Talios decide to accompany Domi and Tost into the catacombs yet again.

After some navigating of the tunnels, they come to a large door, sealed by magic. Tost asks to see if the ring will open the chamber, which it does.  There is a long spiral stairway down that leads them to a huge chamber lined with large columns shaped like eggs that hold up an altar. Skeletons line the floor. The Altar has a small stairway up above a well, upon it rests a single stone egg, banded with gold and silver. Batroc wonders if this is the things that the Goblins have been looking for. Tost mentions powerful magics and he casts a spell to hold back the barriers and suggests that Domi take it. When he does, the cavern begins to shake. Boulders fall and reveal the daylight above them. 

Fleeing the collapsing room, Tost seizes the egg from Domi. He kicks Batroc the center of the stairwell. He impales his flaming sword through Ra'Zel, pinning him to the wall. Just when it looks like Tost will kill them all, a voice calls out…

"Leave them be. Your fight is with me."

Sir Gregor Marikind, Talios' mentor, arrives and battles Tost.

The group is forced to flee into the caverns. They free Ra'Zel, but find Batroc dying when they reach him. His last words were "You…get…a…potion".  Major P'Aynn arrives just in time to witness the last of the battle, but none see the end of the fight.

As the smoke clears, the adventurers see Black Fang flying up with Tost on his back. Talios lets loose an arrow, striking him in the face but not killing the betrayer.  With their departure, the cavern continues to cave in. Undead rise and attack, including the skull of one the dragons above them which dislodges and attempts to bite them. Talios briefly hears the voice of Gregor.  His sword pulses and gains the holy property.

The battle goes poorly. Before they are overwhelmed, the columns that held up the altar shake and crack open, revealing a group of dragonborn. They make quick work of the undead and then explain that they were the guardians of the chamber and must now recover the egg. They conscript the adventurers to aid them, empowering them with hidden knowledge of fighting to better ensure that they will accomplish this task.

And they have one of their own, Bah'Zuth, join the adventurers…


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