The Splinters of the Old Realm

Session 4: Hell's Quarry

Our brave adventurers find a pile of corpses leading up to NPC Ranger. Though he eventually succumbed, he slew so many that counting would be pointless. Man, that guy was badass.

Anyway, the adventurers found surviving soldiers from Tost's forces and captured them easily. Payne offered to take them back to friendly territory for reinforcements.

The remainder of the group, now joined by the summoner mage, Bahzuth(!!!!), continued on to the next town. Shortly before arriving, they encountered a half-orc ranger fending off a slew of devils and tieflings. Saving her life, she revealed herself to be Vegazi, an outisder of Arwill Stead, but clearly a person to be trusted.

They travel into Arwill Stead and make lodging only to be interrupted by an invasion of Orcs and their leader…OGASH


case_aiken case_aiken

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